We decided that for the journey from Vientiane to Pakse we would not be taking the bus as the 12 hour ride didn’t sound that appealing. When we looked into it we managed to book a 1.5 hour flight for pretty much the same price as the bus. The morning of the flight, I spent some time looking at reviews of our airline Lao Skyway. This was a bad idea. Multiple reports of flights being cancelled at the last minute and poor customer service did not fill me with confidence. I was also panicking because I didn’t think there would be good food options at the airport and I know Andy needs food, for my sake more than his.

Turns out I was worrying over nothing, we arrived and the flight was scheduled and on time, we didn’t realise it at the time but they also moved our seats to extra leg room without us even requesting it.

At the airport we managed to find a hidden restaurant on the top floor, for £9 each you could help yourself to all you could eat from the buffet and all you could drink from the bar. Winner! We should have got there earlier.

The flight was great, a tiny little plane but the journey was smooth and they even provided snacks.

Lao_Skyway, Plane
Our tiny plane that Andy couldn’t stand up in.

We arrived in Pakse, the most efficient airport I have ever been to. We were landed and in a taxi to town in about 10 mins, it takes longer to get out of Bank station.

Pakse was a nice town but there wasn’t a huge amount going on. Our hostel was a bit naff but it did a job. As is the custom when you arrive in a new town we went to find a bar. The rooftop bar at the Pakse Hotel with happy hour from 5 – 6pm was just the ticket. Passion Fruit martinis all the way.

That evening after dinner, we tried to find a bar with a bit of life. So we headed to a place we had heard of, Cin Chan. The place was huge and packed with young Lao people, we arrived as the only westerners in the place and it was like the whole bar stopped and stared, I don’t think they get many visitors. We stayed for a couple and listened to the live music before hitting the hay.

The main thing to do in Pakse is the Bolevean Loop, a multi-day bike ride loop. We were only in town for two nights so decided just to do one day of it and visit the Wat Pho temple.

Beautiful Temple in ancient city

Wat Pho or Vat Phou is an ancient Khmer and Hindu temple, it is spread over a vast site and all stems from a spring in the rocks above which are thought to have healing powers.

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On the way back to town we took a different road, this one required us to take the ferry boat. The ferry boat is essentially two narrow boats tied together with a few pallets on top, the rickety ride was fun but scary.

Me and the bikes on the ferry boat

After some time on the bumpy road and hiding from the downpour we arrived at a hotel with a pool, we practically had the place to ourselves and no one cared that we weren’t staying at the hotel. Our final stop of the day was up to the Golden Buddha. A beautiful spot to round off a very busy day. The next morning it was off to Don Det.

Pakse_Sunset, Golden_Buddha
The sunset at the Golden Buddha above Pakse.

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