Phi Phi Island and Phuket Town

After our time at home and a few extra hours in Doha airport, we landed bright and early back in Krabi this time heading for Phi Phi Island, we had heard good things and thought we would see for ourselves. The bus from the airport took us straight to the ferry, this was a much larger boat than the one that took us to Railay, the journey took around 2 hours and the views were lovely. We pulled into Phi Phi, paid our conservation entrance fee and tracked down our hotel, it was in a great spot just away from the noise of the beach but in easy walking distance everywhere. We settled in and had a stroll around town to get our bearings.

Boat over to Phi Phi

One of the things that was high on my list to do was my open water diving course. Having done a few try dives in Cuba I knew I wanted to do more but needed to find somewhere we would spend long enough to complete the 3 day course. Phi Phi is not short of dive schools and all have signed up to price agreements, we talked to a couple and decided upon Princess Divers as they seemed friendly and professional. The next day I had to swat up on my theory and we were both really tired from our journey so took it easy enjoying mango waffles and hot chocolates.

The next morning I was up early for my training, I had to swim 200m and then tread water for 10 minutes in open water. Its been a while since I have swam further than the pool bar so I was a bit nervous, luckily it all went smoothly. Andy spent the morning by the beach and we then met for lunch before spending the afternoon relaxing in the sea.

Beach time

The next day I had two dives schedules for the morning, Andy had signed up for a refresher course as it had been ages since he last dived. The weather was amazing so the boat took us to two of the best dive sites in the area, Bida Nok and the Viking Cave, the water was really clear and there was plenty to see. Andy immediately saw 2 sharks as soon as he jumped in, unfortunately I was to busy concentrating on not dying to see anything.

The next day was my final day of diving and I was so excited, Andy had planned to join but he hadn’t been well the night before and so stayed in bed to recover. I managed to relax a lot more and enjoyed final two dives so much more, after a quick exam I was certified as an open water diver and so excited to get back in the water again.

To celebrate we went for a couple of drinks along the beach that evening, the bars all put on amazing fire shows, all you have to do is buy a drink and you can sit and watch. The acrobatics involved were very impressive.

After another day lazing on the beach we decided to head back to the main land, we had a flight the next morning from Phuket Airport so decided to spend our day checking out Phuket Town. The journey back was smooth and we arrived in our hostel trouble free. Phuket Town is nice enough but I was glad we only had one night there. We spent our time visiting a couple of museums and looking at some of the cool buildings before finding ourselves in the Trick-eye museum.

The old bank, now part of the museum
The rest of the museum on the other side of the street

The Trick-eye museum is a bit ridiculous but we had a good time, it is full of images that you can pose by and take photos, we have hundreds but here are a few.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next morning we were up early to get the bus to the airport, unfortunately we had bad information on the bus timetabling front so ended up having to get a taxi to the airport, turned out that wasn’t the only issue we would face before boarding the plane to Bali…

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