Kuala Lumpur

We couldn’t fly direct from Hanoi to Kochi, so took the opportunity to have a look at Kuala Lumpur on the way. We had very limited expectations and pretty much just wanted to see the Petronas Towers and get a general feel for the place.

We arrived in the late afternoon and got to our hostel fairly easily via a bus from the airport and a short metro ride from there to the Bukit Bintang area we were staying in. The hostel was OK, but the staff were new and hadn’t quite got the hang of it yet.

The area was good for plenty of food, bars and shopping so we had a walk around, something to eat and a couple of drinks while planning the following day.

The Petronas Towers were our main interest so we got up nice and early to make sure we had time to get there and buy tickets before it got too busy, especially as it was a Saturday. It was a fairly easy walk to them, about 25 minutes of going around, under and over buildings until we could see the entrance. It’s fairly easy navigating to a couple of the biggest buildings in the world, when in doubt, look up!

When we got there it was very quiet so we quickly bought a ticket and went to the waiting area. We had the mandatory photo in front of a green screen (helpfully I was wearing a green t-shirt) and then noticed the best screen we’ve ever seen. The introductory video was projected onto a stream of steam that was being pumped out of the wall!

This looked awesome in real life!

We then proceeded up to the 43rd floor where the guide told us we could look out from the bridge between the 2 buildings at the city. She then mentioned that the bridge didn’t actually touch the buildings at either end, it sort of hangs there in a weird suspension. Suddenly much more creeped out, we enjoyed the view and the incredible number of selfies being taken.

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Next we went up to the 82nd floor to look around from the highest point. It’s really high! They had a nice viewing floor with lots of windows the whole way around which provided some great views. It wasn’t the cheapest ticket ever but was well worth it and was nicely done.

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We were then ushered back down a floor, where the hard sell began. Our green screen photos had been turned into very, very photoshopped pictures of us which we were encouraged to buy. When we turned that down they brought out the big guns. They had also turned our photo into a snow globe! Almost unable to resist this stunning piece of artwork (in a country that I can’t believe ever gets snow, what with it being almost 40 degrees outside), we just about managed to drag ourselves away.


Then, despite being in one of the tallest buildings in the world with amazing views, I became the attraction. A very small statured family requested some selfies with the tall guy, so I entertained them for a bit before we made our way back to the bottom floor and out to find some food via a walk around the park.

Selfie time! Mind that hand though..

Our flight was at lunchtime so we had a walk around the shops and found a very westernised city. It was nice enough, but we preferred Singapore and didn’t see that much to encourage us back there except for necessity. The airport did have a Nando’s though, so we made the most of that before becoming vegetarian for our time in India.

The towers, erm, towering above us from the street below.

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