Morjim, Goa

After a fairly busy few weeks and with a whirlwind trip up the west coast of India ahead of us, a couple of days on the beach in Goa sounded like a perfectly timed bit of rest.

Of the many options, we picked Morjim beach as it had a good combination of budget friendly accommodation, good reviews and was a bit further away than the main tourist beaches.

Our arrival back in Vasco da Gama was just the 4 hours later than planned and we definitely did not bring enough food on the train with us. We did get to go past some beautiful scenery though, and enjoyed hanging out the door of the moving train!

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On arrival, we went immediately to a restaurant to eat an enormous and delicious meal. The paneer pasanda was particularly excellent.

Morjim is about a 90 minute drive from Vasco, and there were no sensible train or bus options so we found a taxi who would take us for under £20 which seemed pretty reasonable for a trip of that length at 8pm. Indian roads are noticeably worse than those of SE Asia, so after a pretty hairy ride we made it. Sadly, the map wasn’t that clear so we got dropped off about 15 minutes walk away from our hostel, but that was easily solved.

On arrival, we were offered beer, which was readily accepted, as Goa is one of the few states in which alcohol is allowed and had a nice evening chatting to the others.

We then spent 2 days sat on the beach. The sand was soft and hot, the beds provided by the few beach shack restaurants were comfy, the water was warm and the few tourists were basically all Russian. And the beer was cold. 🙂

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When we did tear ourselves away from our books and the shade (it was far too hot to be in the sun – Claire even burnt in the shade!), we found a great locals restaurant where we had multiple meals. They were all cheap and tasty and well worth the walk into what could just about be described as town centre.

Watching sunsets provided entertainment for us, both because the sun eerily disappeared into the haze before it reached the horizon and for the numerous Instagram photoshoots that were going on. People really take that stuff seriously, the number of poses and lengths they go to is extraordinary. It’s definitely gone too far though, social media is a problem!

The accommodation was nice and we ended up having a dorm to ourselves. It was called Back to Basics which says a pretty good description of what it was.

There isn’t a huge amount more to say on this one, it was a lovely relaxing couple of days filled with a lot of lounging around. The 6 dogs chasing a young cow down the beach was pretty entertaining too!

Or next stop was Udaipur, which is too far for a train so we got a taxi to the airport. This was stressful. The roads are awful, the drivers mad and we even got pulled over by the police for a while because the driver was using his phone. We just made it in time for the flight, but security was carnage in a very inefficient airport. Our quick stopover in Mumbai Airport was great though, that is a much nicer airport.

Goa was lovely, and will probably be on our list of places to return to, as long as it doesn’t all become a giant beach resort covered in hotels and craziness. Fingers crossed.

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