Just next door to Bohol is the island of Siquijor, a much smaller island which is known for its witchcraft and being a really laid back place to explore. We arrived in the morning off the ferry with our friends we had met in Donsol and had been with ever since, we hired a Jeepney to take us from the ferry port to the town of San Jose where we had booked our hostel. The ride was smooth as the roads in the Philippines are surprisingly good.

We arrived in town and went our separate ways to our hostels, it was nothing special but it was the cheapest bed we could find. After a quick and underwhelming lunch we decided to go for a walk along the beach, it was a beautiful day and the beach was stunning, we came across a beachfront restaurant where our friends were enjoying a cocktail and some lunch, they invited us to join and as it was one of their birthdays – it would be rude not to!

One cocktail turned into several and we broke the heat of the day up with intermittent swims. By the time we had tried almost every cocktail on the menu it was time for dinner.

The restaurant was holding a BBQ and entertainment evening so we booked a table and stayed, the food was brilliant and the entertainment included singing, dancing and fire dancing. We were then invited to have a go with the fire, in hindsight maybe not the most sensible activity to partake in after a day of beach drinking, but it was incredibly fun and there is nothing like swinging fire around your head to sober up a bit.

The waiters had clicked that is was a birthday so prepared a cake and a special birthday performance it was amazing! He had such a great birthday! When it came time for the bill we feared the worse but the whole day of drinking cocktails and a dinner only came to £25 each!!

The next morning we wanted to get the most out of the day so after breakfast we hired some mopeds to start exploring the islands, there were a number of waterfalls, an old tree and some beaches which needed exploring, we set off on an all day loop around the island. The first waterfall was by far the best, it had a giant rope swing which Andy did twice and lots of little fishes which nibbled your toes.

Second stop was the giant tree which is believed to be magical.

The magical tree

Next was another waterfall, this one had caves to climb through and you could slide off the rocks into the water.

Driving around the island was great fun the roads were easy and people were so friendly, our final stop was a beach and then it was time to head home. As we were about half an hour from our hostel the heavens opened, the white t-shirt and shorts I was wearing were soaked through, not ideal.

We dried off grabbed our jackets and headed out again for dinner, our friends were off to a party but we were so tired from our day (and age!) we called it a night.

The next morning it was time to leave Siquijor and head to the island of Cebu for the much anticipated Sinulog festival. I did manage to find some time in the morning to take a snorkel around the marine park which was teeming with life.

We had an amazing time on the island and would rush back in a heartbeat, it’s just a shame we only had a couple of days.

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