Airlie Beach & The Whitsundays

It was raining when we arrived in Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsundays at the end of a 20 hour bus north from Brisnane we had taken to get past the Townsville floods. After we had bought our supplies for the boat trip we were booked onto, we received a message saying it had been cancelled. Boo. We went to the boat office and spoke to them about our options and ended up changing from a 2 day and 2 night tour to a 2 day 1 night tour starting the following day, when the weather should be a bit less grim.

2 hours later, that boat was also cancelled. Boooooooo. Back we went to the office. This time the conclusion was that we weren’t meant to be visiting the Whitsundays on this trip. Over to the office of the company partnered with the one we booked the trip through we went to find out about refunds. After a painful number of attempts to contact someone who wasn’t useless, we ended up with an email address. Fortunately the boat company had called them and told them to refund us, so hopefully it will all work out in the end (still waiting at time of writing).

The guy in the office worked for a different company but was actually helpful and when we decided to get out of town as soon as we could he suggested we go to 1770 – a sleepy surfer town where there was rumoured to currently be blue sky and a nice big beach. That sounded like a great idea so we booked a ticket on a bus leaving that night as there was no point staying in Airlie Beach where there is very little to do bar watch the rain pour down and the roads edge ever closer to flooding. There were a lot of people in similar situations, with many having to wait in town for the next 4 days until the next available flight north.

That was pretty much it for Airlie Beach, we got soaked on the way to the bus stop in the 10 minutes it took to walk there, despite it being mostly under cover. That was a pretty apt summary of our time there – we were disappointed to have missed the boat trip but delighted to be getting out of there and hopefully into some sunshine at long last. When we arrived in Australia all we’d heard was news about the massive heatwave the country was suffering!

Since there are absolutely no photos, here’s some stuff I found on Google of what we should have been looking at!

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