Agnes Water & 1770

After about a week of trying, we finally found some sunshine! We arrived early in the morning on the bus and were confronted by a man wearing a banana (seriously) who we were very glad was not representing the hostel we were heading to.

We were pretty knackered by this point. Because of the floods, we’d flown all the way down to Brisbane arriving late at night, slept, then got on a 6 hour bus early in the morning to take us up as far North as we could go before we caught up with the flooding.

Our journey from Airlie Beach to Agnes Water, about 1600km in total.

Our place was a nice quiet spot just near the beach, so after some breakfast we made our way down to what turned out to be an enormous expanse of golden sand with hardly anybody on it.

We found the lifeguard patrolled area which was still not busy and settled in for a morning of relaxing in the sun and waves while watching a surf lesson. This did not disappoint, and we had a lovely morning enjoying the crazily hot sun.

The beach, particularly after the rains we had been in until this point, was lovely and made up the majority of our time in Agnes Water. It’s not exactly a bustling place with 2 shops, a couple of cafes and a beach being pretty much all there was to offer. It was a great place to simply sit back and relax for a while though. There was some sort of local kids surf competition on at one point, but the lack of available waves turned it into a swimming competition instead. We moved rarely, and almost exclusively for one of food, a swim or mostly to apply more suncream which was needed in copious quantities due to the outrageously strong sun.

We did venture out once, down to the town of 1770 (the only town in Australia without any letters in its name, named after the year it was first discovered) for sunset alongside our roommate in the dorm who happened to be a similarly aged British guy. This was a nice little excursion and the sunset was very pretty. 1770 itself was an even sleepier version of Agnes Water just without much beach, or any shops!

Sunset at 1770

After a couple of days in Agnes Water we were moving on again, this time to Fraser Island which we were hoping was going to be one of our highlights of Australia. We had finally discovered the Australian summer and managed to escape mostly without burn!

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