Having not planned to go to Brisbane on our trip at all, we actually ended up going there twice. Firstly as part of our jump over the flooding in Townsville & secondly to spend a night on the way between Noosa and Sydney as the busses don’t connect without an overnight stop.

We ended up staying both times in a bright orange hostel that was basic but did the job. It had great views over the city from the massive balcony too which was really nice to sit out & watch over with a drink in the evening.

Brisbane had been described to us a really nice place to live, but not really a place for tourists as there isn’t much to do. We only had about a day to look at the place so spent it walking into the city and along the South Bank. The city seemed nice with plenty of little coffee shops & loads of offices, it was all nicely laid out and quite spacious. The public library made us a little ashamed of the ones in the UK – it was massive, well equipped, well funded and very popular. The city centre did meet expectations though, a couple of nice buildings but mainly it’s a functional working and living area.

Brisbane city centre from across the river

The South Bank was really nice. We were lucky to get a hot & sunny day, but we walked sown the riverside past the public vegetable gardens, the lagoon, a few restaurants, a Neplaese wooden temple and the giant Brisbane sign and had a really pleasant day. The lagoon in particular was awesome – it’s a man made beach & swimming pools sat next to the riverside walk with plenty of space to swim, sunbathe & play around for all ages. There is no way it would work in the UK as some numpty would certainly come along and ruin it but everybody there really enjoys the space and looks after it well.

I wouldn’t head back to Brisbane unless travelling through the city, but it was a nice place for a day.


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